As the name may imply, data loggers and data acquisition systems are processes or products used to collect data to analyze or document some phenomenon. For instance, a technician is performing data acquisition as he logs the flow rate of a system on a piece of paper.

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Through the use of electronic equipment, this type of process has been made more versatile, simplified, reliable, and accurate as technology has progressed. Any device that can be used to store data can be considered a data logger. This includes plug-in boards, serial communication systems that use a computer as an up to the second data recording system, and many other data acquisition devices. Plus, you can turn your tablet or smartphone into a mobile data logger through the use of wireless transmitters.

Though Haygor supplies all of these alternatives, for the most part, the term “data logger” refers to standalone devices that can read different kinds of electrical signals and store them for later download to a PC.

The focal point of any system is typically your data acquisition products. They tie together a broad range of products, including sensors that indicate level, temperature, pressure, or flow.

Types of Data Loggers

The industrial applications for which you plan on using a data logger will determine which product is right for you. Our friendly customer support representatives can help you with this decision. Some of the more popular solutions include

Handheld Multi-Channel Data Loggers

When you plan on carrying your data logger from one location to another, handheld multi-channel loggers are a favorite option. Laboratory environments also benefit from these.

Miniature Single Input Data Loggers

If you need a low cost logger dedicated to a specific input type, miniature single input data loggers are the way to go. The transportation industry typically opts for these data loggers.

Bluetooth Data Loggers

You can monitor, log, and record measurements with your tablet or smartphone when you connect using Bluetooth wireless transmitters.

Modular Data Loggers

Through the use of plug-in modules, modular data loggers are expandable and configurable. You can add as many channels as you need for a specific application.

Fixed Mount Multi-Channel Data Loggers

There are a fixed number of input channels that are usually dedicated for a specific input type with these data loggers.

Wireless Data Loggers

Wireless data loggers can record and measure variables like humidity, temperature, and ambient pressure. This makes it perfect for monitoring warehouse and storage environments.

Types of Data Acquisition Systems

As with just about any of the products we offer, the best option depends upon your needs and budget. With our top quality customer support, Haygor works with you to find the best solution for your application. Below are the more popular kinds of data acquisition systems we offer from world renowned manufacturers:

USB Data Acquisition Systems

The new standard for connecting modems, printers, data acquisition devices, monitors, and other peripheral devices to your PC is USB ports. This allows you to provide power to the data acquisition system while having a higher bandwidth.

Portable Data Acquisition Systems

Mobile devices can be turned into portable data acquisition systems through the use of Bluetooth wireless transmitters connected to your tablet or smartphone to monitor, record, and log measurements.

Data Acquisition Plug-in Boards

These plug right into your computer bus. Many prefer this alternative because it is cost effective and lends itself to faster speeds. Boards are usually offered for a limited array of PCs.

Serial Communication Data Acquisition Systems

When you need to make measurements at a location that is far away from the computer, serial communication data acquisition systems are a perfect solution. There are communication standards that transmit up to 5,000 feet away.

Wireless Data Acquisition Systems

Eliminate the time consuming and expensive field wiring of process sensors with wireless data acquisition systems. One or multiple wireless transmitters send information to a wireless receiver connected to a remote PC.

Situated right in the heart of the petrochemical industry in Houston, Texas, Haygor has decades of experience serving many major industrial level operations. Please contact us today if you need data acquisition systems or any other type of industrial assistance.