Whether you need pressure monitoring or need to record or transmit critical data, Barton’s instruments will do the job. Barton is a brand of Cameron International Corporation, developer of the first blowout preventer. The experience designing and building equipment from the 1920’s on makes it a brand of choice. From pressure indicators to backflow testers, the products are engineered for use in the oil and gas industry so are likely a solid choice for your application.

Barton products available from Haygor include:

DPU Assemblies

The Barton Model 199 Differential Pressure Unit takes measurements in relation to the gas or liquid flowing through the system. Enclosed within its own pressure housing, the DPU allows process monitoring through the linear movement of bellows, which is converted to angular rotation that actuates the process monitoring mechanism.

Model 224 Differential Pressure Unit has dual bellows in its pressure housing and comes in various pressure ratings depending on the required range of the application. The housings connect by pipe or tubing to components in a system.

Differential Pressure Indicators

Barton® differential pressure indicators are available in various pressure ranges. They operate under a range of safe working pressures and can also measure flow rate and liquid level. Absolute, zero-center, and split pressure ranges are available. Models include the 226C, 227C, 232C, and 247C indicators with remote level indication. The 288, 289A, 290, 291B indicators come in weather- and explosion-proof housings and in single or dual SPDT switch configurations. Other models include 200A, 200AS, 316C, and 450C differential pressure indicators.

Chart Recorders / Controllers / Transmitters

Model 202E, 242E Recorder: Accurately measure and record pressure, differential pressure, and temperature. The units feature a die-cast aluminum housing and rupture-proof bellows. The 242E is used in general pressure applications while the 202E has been used extensively by gas transmission and distribution companies.

Model 274A Transmitter: Built into a non-corrosive, weatherproof case, the unit has a continuously adjustable operating span, adjustable suppression, and continuous purging by way of an internal pilot valve and nozzle exhaust.

Models 335, 336, 338 C/T Transmitter / Controller: Durable instruments used in oil and gas production, process plants, and on U.S. Navy ships.

Models 273C and 284C: Pneumatic transmitters/controllers designed for heavy industry applications, actuated by a DPU.

Backflow Tester

Available models include the M246 and M247, which feature welded beryllium copper bellows and an accuracy down to 0.5%. Readings are within 0.075 psid in ascending or descending pressures; each device can be connected to a pressure vacuum breaker or backflow preventer.