Yokogawa is a leader in industrial automation and test/measurement systems. Its innovations and reliable technologies have yielded proven solutions for operational excellence and safety. In fact, it produces the most advanced control and instrumentation products serving automation, measurement, and control applications.

Haygor is committed to making the best of Yokogawa products available at reasonable prices. These include many different transmitters, recorders, and controllers. Here is a rundown of what we are offering as part of this diverse and innovative catalog.

Pressure Transmitters

EJX Series Differential and Gauge Pressure Transmitters: Yokogawa differential pressure transmitters use Digital DPharp technology to provide the most accurate readings. Gauge pressure units come in traditional and in-line configurations. They are offered in various performance ranges to meet your process requirements.

EJA Series Differential and Absolute Pressure Transmitters: These high-performance units are durable and reliable as a silicone resonant sensor is used in the core. The high-tech EJA-E series has built-in safety certification and features a small-form-factor, rugged design.

P10 Series Pneumatic Pressure Transmitters: Measure differential pressure, flow rate, liquid level, density, and other variables. These have been used by every process industry.

Level Transmitters

EJX Series Level Transmitters: Performance is enhanced through a multi-sensing technology that enables you to benefit from unprecedented precision.

EJA Series Level Transmitters: A silicon resonant sensor provides reliable readings while these transmitters are built to last under the most rugged conditions.

P10 Series Pneumatic Level Transmitters: Can measure many process variables using differential pressure. It converts these to 20-100 kPa signals to send to remote receivers.

Temperature Transmitters

Single sensor input and head mount type models are available. The YTA110, YTA310/320, YTA50, and YTA70 transmitters accept thermocouple, ohm, RTD, or DC millivolt inputs. These are converted to 4-20mA DC signals.

Paperless Recorders

We carry the Daqstation™ DX100/200P with up to 30 analog input channels. Providing various graphical options, the unit also features removable storage media and networking capability. The more advanced DX1000/2000 offers up to 48 input channels. You can create data files and store them in the unit’s 400 MB memory. Also available are the MV1000/2000 unit, and the CX1000/2000 that combines recording, control, and networking.

Legacy Controllers

High-quality, dependable legacy controllers from Yokogawa are also provided. Here are the following models we carry.

  • YEW 80 Series SPLC 151 Indicating Controller
  • YEW 80 Series SPLC 181 Indicating Controller
  • YEW 80 Series SPLC 251 Indicating Controller
  • YEW 80 Series SPLC 281 Indicating Controller