ABB 264DC Differential Transmitter

The ABB 264DC Differential Transmitter is a proven sensing system combined with advanced digital technologies. It features interchangeability and transmitter upgrade capabilities, due to supported integration with HART®, PROFIBUS PA and FOUNDATION Fieldbus platforms. The 264DC is fully functional within a wide range of options, variants, fill fluids and wetted materials, resulting in lifetime cost savings.

PED compliant to sound engineering practice (SEP), this direct mount transmitter (with remote seal) is capable of delivering critical process media at extended temperature ranges. Model 264DC demonstrates a base accuracy of ±0.075% and span limits as follows: 0.54 to 16000kPa; 2.14inH2O to 2320psi.

Configuration facilities are offered either locally (via local keys in combination with an LCD indicator) or via hand held terminal or PC configuration platform. A wide range of sensor options are available, to maximize total performance and stability during use.

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ABB 264DC Differential Transmitter Spec Sheet

ABB 264DC Differential Transmitter