ABB 264GS Gauge Pressure Transmitter

Fully compliant with PED Category III, Model 264GS is a dependable sensing system paired with innovative digital technologies. This gauge pressure transmitter demonstrates a base accuracy of ±0.075% and span limits as follows: – 0.2 to 60000kPa; 0.8inH2O to 8700psi. It can be configured locally (via local keys coupled with an LCD indicator) or remotely (via PC configuration platform or hand-held terminal).

The 264GS has a turn down ratio of up to 100:1 and offers interchangeability and upgrade capabilities, per its support of integration with a variety of protocols, including HART®, PROFIBUS PA and FOUNDATION Fieldbus platforms. An extensive selection of sensor options allows operators to elevate overall performance and steadiness during use.

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ABB 264GS Gauge Pressure Transmitter Spec Sheet

ABB 265GS Gauge Pressure Transmitter