ABB 264HD Gauge Pressure Transmitter

As a new direct mount gauge transmitter from ABB, Model 264HD demonstrates a base accuracy of ±0.075% and plan limits as follows: 1.1 to 16000kPa; 4.35inH2O to 2320psi. This device is engineered with in-field replaceable electronics featuring auto-configuration capabilities, serving to help shorten plant downtimes in the event of failure. To enhance total performance during use, a vast selection of sensor options are available.

Model 264HD’s MTBF of over 200 years and Taylor’s “All-Welded” technology make this transmitter the top pick for plants availability. This device is also revered as the prime option for gauge pressure measurement, as a result of its proven dependability and steadiness. The 264HD is PED compliant to sound engineering practice (SEP).

This transmitter offers interchangeability and upgrade abilities, per its support of integration with a variety of protocols, including HART®, PROFIBUS PA and FOUNDATION Fieldbus platforms. Configuration facilities are available locally, via local keys coupled with an LCD indicator, or remotely, via a PC configuration platform or hand-held terminal.

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ABB 264HD Gauge Pressure Transmitter Spec Sheet

ABB 264HD Gauge Pressure Transmitter