ABB 364DD Direct Mount Pressure Transmitter

Model 364DD is a new direct mount transmitter option from ABB, featuring an all stainless steel construction and a sleek, streamlined body that exemplifies simplicity as an essential factor of design. Due to its proven consistency and steadiness over time, this device is the prime choice for differential and gauge pressure measurements.

Demonstrating a base accuracy of ±0. 06% and span limits as follows: 0.54 … 16000 kPa; 2.14 in.H2O … 2320 psi, the 364DD provides for full installation capability. This advanced transmitter can be configured with a direct mount diaphragm seal and a customary pressure connection or combined with a remote diaphragm seal. Complete with the applicable gauge filter for the atmosphere reference, Model 364DD is adaptable enough to be transformed into a gauge pressure transmitter.

This device is compliant with PED Category III and offers an on-board LCD display with user-friendly menu navigation.

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ABB 364DD Direct Mount Pressure Transmitter Spec Sheet

ABB 364DD Direct Mount Pressure Transmitter