USG Ametek 1555/1558/1559 Liquid Filled Pressure Gauge

Complete with 316L stainless steel, Monel® 400 or Hastelloy® C-276 wetted parts, the Ashcroft® Acid Leak Detection (ALD) Assembly is used to identify a leak of process media. Its acid sensing component features a distinctive yellow coating that, when coming into contact with acids having a pH of ≤ 3, turns red. This instrument has a solid-front case with pressure relief back and a 1/2 NPT Male process connection.

The ALD Assembly demonstrates a standard pressure rating (MAWP) of vacuum to 1,500 psi @ 100°F (1,500 to 10,000 psi @ 100°F optional), with standard precision of ±1.0% of span (1259, 1279) or ±1.5% of span (T6500). It is hermetically sealed and IP66 weatherproof, with NACE compliant assemblies. Additional options to choose from for this device include custom dials, Silicone-free PLUS! Performance, washing for oxygen service and a yellow or orange gauge case to aid in identification.

Exhibiting pressure ranges up to 10,000 psi, the ALD Assembly has an aluminum, modifiable micrometer pointer and utilizes fill fluid to oxidize acids.

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Ametek 1555/1558/1559 Liquid Filled Pressure Gauge Spec Sheet

Ametek 1555-1558-1559 Liquid Filled Pressure Gauge