Ashcroft 1188 Low Pressure Bellows Gauge

Serving as a prime solution for a vast range of installation points, the Ashcroft® 1188 Low Pressure Bellows Gauge is offered with the option of bronze, 316 stainless steel or monel wetted parts. This model features inches of water ranges and is also offered with diaphragm seals. It exhibits a pressure range that extends from 10″ IWC to 10 psi, with standard precision of ±2-1-2% of full scale (ASME B40.100 Grade A).

The versatile 1188 is ideally used when low pressure measurement is a must. With a 4-1/2-inch dial and a phenolic case, this instrument’s customary product features and extremely perceptive system ensure safety in the measurement of process media.

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Ashcroft 1187 Low Pressure Bellows Gauge Spec Sheet

Ashcroft 1188 Low Pressure Bellows Gauge