Ashcroft 5503 Differential Pressure Gauge

Engineered to monitor differential pressure between two distinct pressure sources, the Ashcroft® 5503 Differential Pressure Gauge is your answer to demanding application and installation needs. Its durable housing and superior wetted materials make this model dependable and safe for use in arduous environments.

The 5503 has a stainless steel, open-front case with 4-inch (100 mm) and 6-inch (160 mm) dial sizes available. Exhibiting an external zero adjustment and high static pressure limits, this instrument demonstrates standard precision of ±1.6% of full scale. Its pressure range spans from 10″ IWD to 600 psid.

Optional features include electric contacts for process monitoring and handling, a flow measurement dial and NACE compliance classification.

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Ashcroft 5503 Differential Pressure Gauge Spec Sheet

Ashcroft 5503 Differential Pressure Gauge