Ashcroft T5500E Process Gauge with Output

Optimally used when watching and controlling pressure measurement is necessary, the Ashcroft® T5500E Process Gauge with Output features a durable enclosure and a variety of measurement units to choose from (psi, bar, kilopascal). This economical device is both a pressure gauge and pressure transmitter in one, thus limiting expenses incurred from additional instruments.

The T5500E demonstrates standard precision of 0.50% of span, with a pressure range that extends from vacuum to 20,000 psi. It offers IP65 protection and is capable of being incorporated into safety and data procurement systems or hazardous applications.

This model has a 4-inch dial (100 mm) and an open-front, stainless steel case. The Bourdon tube/socket is comprised of 316L stainless steel, while the sensor material is 17-4PH stainless steel.

The T5500E’s PLUS! Performance (option) delivers liquid-fill performance in a dry gauge and reduces shock, vibration and pulsation effects.

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Ashcroft T5500E Process Gauge with Output Spec Sheet

Ashcroft T5500E Process Gauge with Output