Azbil Advanced Temperature Transmitters ATT082/ATT085

Lightweight and essentially vibration-resistant, Models ATT082/ATT085 are compatible with a wide assortment of sensor types (C, D, J, K, T, E, N, R, S, B thermocouples, Pt100/200/500/1000, JPt100 resistance temperature detectors, mV voltages). Range change measurement, self-diagnosis and setting adjustments (e.g. sensor type) can be handled remotely with the use of communicator.

The streamlined ATT082/ATT085 intercept RTD input, thermocouple input or mV input and broadcast it as a 4–20 mA DC or digital signal. These intelligent temperature transmitters can be used in the same fashion as a standard temperature sensor when they are directly mounted on process piping. They offer an optional built-in digital indicator that allows for in-field temperature or device malfunction checks, rendering on-site specification of process temperatures both simple and economical. This helps elevate plant safety and expedite output checking during maintenance.

Compensation wires or three-wire shielded cables are not necessary when using Models ATT082/ATT085, as, much like other transmitters designed for pressure or flow measurement, they are capable of being used with general-purpose signal cables. This affords greater consistency of signal transmission and cuts down on engineering work expenses.

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Azbil Advanced Temperature Transmitters ATT082/ATT085 Spec Sheet