Barton 247C Differential Pressure Indicator

Utilized to determine liquid flow or liquid level, the Barton Model 247C Differential Pressure Indicator is
activated by a Barton Model 224C Differential Pressure Unit (DPU). It features a 6-inch dial with
expanded dial scale of 13 ½-inches for greater visibility. Case mounted, this DP indicator’s case includes
a hook for vertical placement.

Model 247C is the equivalent of the Model 227C indicator (made for permanent installation), with the
only differences being additional manifold valves and piping. Key to its design, this instrument’s three-
valve manifolds are unitized block constructions that include a bypass valve and two block valves. For
bleeding or venting purposes, valves are also included at the DPU.

Portable and engineered for discontinuous measurements of flow rates of DP, Model 247C features an
indicating pointer that moves through a 270° arc. Span modifications are made via a micrometer screw
and do not require the removal of either the indicating pointer or scale plate. Moving the pointer
modifies the zero point, which also does not require removing the scale plate.
When determining flow, this device is attached to the low- and high-pressure sides of a primary
instrument within the process run. Primary instruments can be any pressure drop instrument including
venturi tubes, flow tubes or orifice plates. When determining liquid level, the 247C is attached to note
differences in hydrostatic pressure resulting from variants of liquid height in a vessel.

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Barton 247C Differential Pressure Indicator Spec Sheet

Barton 247C Differential Pressure Indicator