Barton 289A/291B Differential Pressure Indicating Switches

The Barton® Model 289A Differential Pressure Indicating Switch features a cover lens held in the bezel with an elastomer ring for protection from potential damage. This model’s indicator and switch mechanism are contained in a fume, moisture and dust-free environment, thanks to the elastomer ring’s additional functionality as a seal between the case and bezel.

The durable 289A exhibits a NEMA-4 die-cast aluminum case that is waterproof and coated with a weather-resistant black epoxy resin paint.

Model 291B features an oversized cover lens to ensure clear visibility of the indicating pointer. Easy access to switches and all tunings is achieved by taking off the cover. When determined DPs go beyond maximum or minimum (or both) planned limits, this model’s inherent switches animate either single or dual alarm circuits.

The 291B has an explosion-resistant case, certified for Class I, Division 1, Groups B, C & D service.

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Barton 289A/291B Differential Pressure Indicating Switches Spec Sheet

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