Fisher 585C Piston Actuators

Engineered for precise throttling or on-off operation for sliding-stem control valves, the Fisher™ 585C Piston Actuator has a broad spectrum of supply pressure capabilities (up to 150 psig). For throttling functions, it can be used with the DVC6200 digital valve controller or 3600 positioner, which delivers air to both sides of the piston for firm, consistent movement and control. When used for on-off control, this double-acting actuator can be used with switching valves.

The Fisher™ 585C Piston Actuator demonstrates an impressive thrust proficiency and can deliver up to 111,000 Newtons (25,000 lbs) of force with standard air supply. Constructed using ductile iron as its yoke material, this durable actuator offers customary travel lengths of up to 203 mm (8 inches).

Accessory options include the FIELDVUE DVC6200 digital valve controller, as well as the 377 trip valve and tank system for fail-safe action. A selection of positioners are also available.

To meet various thrust and travel length specifications, the Fisher™ 585C Piston Actuator family is offered in a range of sizes from 25 to 130 (with piston areas of 168 sq cm (26 sq in) up to 1,429 sq cm (221.5 sq in)).

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Fisher 585C Piston Actuators Spec Sheet

Fisher 585C Piston Actuators