Foxboro IAP10 I/A Differential Pressure Transmitter

Ideal for applications that call for a low power, low voltage transmitter, the Foxboro® brand Model IAP10 delivers consistently accurate measurement of gauge, absolute and differential pressure. This I/A Series® Pressure Transmitter draws no more than 3 mA, has a 9 V dc minimum voltage and conveys a 1 to 5 V dc output signal. Offering outstanding reliability, the IAP10 features silicon strain gauge sensors that have been field-proven with success over hundreds of thousands of installations.

The IAP10 is one of a wide-ranging line of transmitters that includes styles specifically designed for a variety of different measurement types, materials and process connections. Industry-specific seals for sanitary, and pulp and paper processes are available, as well as direct connect or capillary connected pressure seals. A variety of customary or low profile differential pressure transmitters are also offered.

If applications do not require a digital output signal, the IAP10 offers the benefits of a smart, adaptable, high-performance transmitter at a cost-effective price:

  • Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) digital indicator featuring on-board pushbuttons
  • Pushbutton calibration and configuration:
    • Forward or reverse output
    • Reranging without applied pressure
    • Modifiable damping
    • Zero and span settings
    • Failsafe output; upscale or downscale

The IAP10 meets multiple Agency requirements for hazardous area locations. Versions that adhere to Agency flameproof and zone requirements are offered. This transmitter is Dual Seal certified to meet ANSI/ISA 12.27.01-2003 specifications. Comes with standard 5-year warranty.

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Foxboro IAP10 I/A Differential Pressure Transmitter Spec Sheet

Foxboro IAP10 IA Differential Pressure Transmitter