Foxboro Model IMT25 I/A Series Intelligent Magnetic Flow Transmitters

With the option of 85 to 264 V ac or 24 V dc input power, the IMT25 Magnetic Flow Transmitter offers the digital accuracy, resolution and consistency required for top-tier measurement performance. This Foxboro® flowtube-compatible transmitter, along with an 8000A Wafer Body, or 2800, 8300, 9100A, 9200A, or 9300A Flanged Body Flowtube, comes together to form a magnetic flowmeter with pulsed dc excitation. It transmits frequency or scaled pulse output; relay outputs can be programmed for alarms.

The IMT25 uses an I/A Series® System Workstation, Foxboro® PC-Based Configurator or HART® Communicator for remote configuration. An I/O access port is available to provide for direct external connection of the remote configurator. Local configuration is achieved through the use of an optional integral keypad, complete with 2-line, backlighted, LCD display.

Featuring a streamlined single or dual compartment, this transmitter delivers analog output capable of being programmed for unidirectional, bidirectional or multiple input range. Loss of power is less of a concern, as software configuration and totals are safeguarded in nonvolatile memory. Diagnostic help for the IMT25 is easily accessible online.

This transmitter’s enclosure meets NEMA® 4X and IEC IP66 standards and follows applicable European Union Directives (marked with “CE” logo). It features automatic and manual zero lock and an innately safe electrodes circuit (European uses only).

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Foxboro Model IMT25 I/A Series Intelligent Magnetic Flow Transmitters Spec Sheet

Foxboro Model IMT25 IA Series Intelligent Magnetic Flow Transmitters