Foxboro Model IMV30 I/A Series Multivariable Transmitter

The Foxboro® brand Model IMV30 Multivariable Transmitter is an advanced two-wire transmitter that broadcasts a 4 to 20 mA or digital output signal, as applicable, using HART® Communication for remote configuration, calibration and monitoring. It produces consistently accurate measurements for pressure, differential pressure, sensor and electronics temperatures, and process temperature (from an external RTD). This transmitter also computes process density and flow rate, and conveys all the measured and calculated values, when it is used with a primary flow element.

With a wide range of uses and the ability to replace three separate transmitters, the high performance IMV30 is also dependable and inexpensive to install. Further cost savings are realized due to fewer process penetrations (which also lessens the risk of fugitive emissions). Additional accessories and options are available to extend the functionality of this transmitter.

Full configuration for the IMV30 is achieved with a Model PCMV PC-based configurator, while limited configuration is realized with an optional LCD indicator, or HART® communicator. Ideal for hazardous area installations, versions of this transmitter that meet agency flameproof and zone requirements are offered. The IMV30 follows EMC, ATEX and PED European Directives, NAMUR NE 21 interference immunity requirements, and NAMUR 105 overrange and underrange annunciations. It is CE marked and Dual Seal certified by CSA to meet ANSI/ISA 12.27.01-2003 specifications.

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Foxboro Model IMV30 I/A Series Multivariable Transmitter Spec Sheet

Foxboro Model IMV30 IA Series Multivariable Transmitter