Rosemount 2051C Differential and Gauge Pressure Transmitter

Rosemount 2051C Differential and Gauge Pressure Transmitter comes pressure-tested, factory calibrated and ready to install – upon arrival at your door. It can be seamlessly integrated into current and new installations and offers both differential and gauge pressure measurements. Its highly versatile capabilities are designed to rise to the call of a wide range of applications.

With a standard reference accuracy of 0.075% along with 100:1 rangedown and extended two-year stability of 0.10%, the Rosemount 2051C affords you confidence in obtaining reliable pressure measurements. Both an enhanced accuracy of 0.065% and 5-year stability are also available as options in the event that a situation requires greater precision.

Capable of utilizing either traditional flanges or Rosemount’s versatile Coplanar ™ platform, the Rosemount 2051C Pressure Transmitter is built to perform with a quality process connection for pressure, flow and level applications.

The 2051C is available in a wide selection of materials, can be configured for virtually any application and offers the following output options:

  • 4-20mA HART
  • Low Power HART
  • FOUNDATION Fieldbus

A variety of hazardous area certifications are also available.


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Rosemount 2051C Differential and Gauge Pressure Transmitter Spec Sheet