Rosemount 2110 Liquid Level Switch

Designed using vibrating short fork technology, the Rosemount™ 2110 Liquid Level Switch offers simplified, calibration-free installation. This durable, stainless steel liquid point level switch includes no moving parts and, therefore, requires essentially no maintenance. It is intended for use in safe areas and is built to endure temperatures up to 300°F (150°C) and pressures up to 1450 psig (100 barg).

The 2110’s performance is largely unhindered by flow, foam, turbulence, vibration, bubbles or solids content. It is ideal for the majority of fluid applications including overfill protection, high level alarm, pump protection, leak detection and pump control. Direct load switching suits all supplies or PNP output for direct interface to PLCs. Additional elements of the 2110 include short circuit protection, status LED and a local magnetic test point for simplified function tests.

The vibrating fork Rosemount™ 2110 Liquid Level Switch also offers economical 3/4-in. or 1-in. threaded mounting in pipes or tanks, as well as hygienic mounting for food industry use.

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Rosemount 2110 Liquid Level Switch Spec Sheet

Rosemount 2110 Liquid Level Switch