Rosemount 5400 Series Level Transmitter

Engineered for use with liquids and slurries, Rosemount™ 5400 Series Level Transmitters offer top functionality across a vast scope of applications and environments. They require minimal upkeep, thanks to a lack of moving parts, while their non-contact design protects against situational effects. These dependable instruments measure level directly and include a 5-digit built-in monitor that can show distance, volume, level, signal strength, analog output current, level rate, % of range and internal temperature.

The 5400 Series loop-powered, two-wire, radar level transmitters are capable of operating with both FOUNDATION™ fieldbus, and analog 4-20 mA with superimposed digital HART® communication protocols. They also align with current interoperability standards and can be effortlessly incorporated into nearly any host system. Complete with an advanced design, these devices determine measurements without being disturbed by the majority of fluid property changes, such as pressure, vapor gas mixture, density, temperature, turbulence, dielectric, bubbling/boiling, PH, crystallization and viscosity.

Two models of transmitters are included within the Rosemount™ 5400 Series. The 5401, a low frequency transmitter (~ 6 GHz), is ideal for use in demanding process conditions. The 5402, a high frequency transmitter (~ 26 GHz), is employed for most needs due to its thin radar beam that provides for a wider range of mounting options. Cutting-edge signal processing and intelligent echo tracking features in both models allow them to achieve precision of ±0.4 in. (±10 mm), for the 5401, and ±0.1 inch (±3 mm) for the 5402, for measurements up to 115 ft.

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Rosemount 5400 Series Level Transmitter Spec Sheet

Rosemount 5400 Series Level Transmitter