Taylor 391T Differential Pressure Transmitter

Featuring an invariably adjustable span, the Taylor Differential Pressure Transmitter, 391T, measures differential pressure and produces a proportional pneumatic output signal. Recreating previously calibrated spans does not require recalibration, thanks to the Vernier-scaled span adjustment.

This force balance device has customary adjustable input damping, with a damping adjustment serving to alter the transmitter response time to match particular process demands. Model 391T’s adjustment sensitivity is consistent at any span setting. To bias zero on liquid level applications, the option of a suppression/elevation spring is offered. This transmitter’s zero adjustment can be reached via its cover.

The 391T is capable of measuring differential spans from 1 to 10 in. of water (0.25 to 2.5 kPa) at operating pressures of up to 50 psig (350 kPa). Its pneumatic transmitter section, which contains a direct-acting, non-bleed output relay, is covered by a die-cast aluminum case.

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Taylor 391T Differential Pressure Transmitter Spec Sheet

Taylor 391T Differential Pressure Transmitter