Taylor 392T Differential Pressure Transmitter

A member of the Taylor 390T Series, the 392T Taylor Differential Pressure Transmitter is designed to measure differential pressure. This instrument has an invariably adjustable span and produces a proportional pneumatic output signal. Recalibration is unnecessary when recreating previously calibrated spans, thanks to a micrometer type scale on the span adjustment.

This force balance device is capable of measuring differential spans from 5 to 800 in. of water (1.2 to 200 kPa) at working pressures extending from full vacuum to 6000 psig (40,000 kPa). Adjustment sensitivity is consistent at any span setting.

Model 392T’s pneumatic transmitter section, which contains a direct-acting, non-bleed output relay, is covered by a die-cast aluminum case. To bias zero on liquid level applications, the option of a suppression/elevation spring is offered. This transmitter’s zero adjustment can be reached via its cover.

Optional adjustable input damping is offered for some 390T Series transmitters, with a damping adjustment serving to alter the transmitter response time to meet particular process needs. Additionally, transmitters exhibiting pipe adapter process connections provide for the attachment of pipe adapters to the front or back of the measuring element for connection and mounting flexibility.

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Taylor 392T Differential Pressure Transmitter Spec Sheet

Taylor 392T Differential Pressure Transmitter