Yokogawa EJX115A Low Flow Transmitter

The EJX115A Low Flow Transmitter can be configured remotely via communications and features diagnostics, as well as elective status output for pressure high/low alarm. Demonstrating stability of ±0.1% per 15 years (DP), this differential pressure transmitter provides highly precise measurements (±0.04% square root output precision) with notable speed (90 msec response time). It leverages an integral flow orifice (IFO) for outstanding low flow measurement.

The EJX115A’s multi-sensing pressure sensor technology offers the additional diagnostic ability of identifying irregularities like an impulse line obstruction. Its consistent DPharp pressure sensor is capable of determining static line pressure. Measurements are shown on the integral indicator or observed remotely through digital communications.

The following communication protocol selections are available for this transmitter:

  • HART (5 or 7)
  • FOUNDATION Fieldbus

Having made its debut in 2004, Yokogawa’s EJX-A series is a distinguished line of pressure transmitters within the DPharp family. These instruments perform with skill and consistency, despite harsh demands.

All devices within the EJX-A series, in their customary configuration, are certified by TÜV as meeting SIL 2 safety qualifications, with the exception of the FOUNDATION Fieldbus and PROFIBUS PA models.

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Yokogawa EJX115A Low Flow Transmitter Data Sheet

Yokogawa EJX115A Low Flow Transmitter