We essentially supply all varieties of industrial instruments at Haygor Instrument & Company, Inc. There are three simple reasons why we have been a leader in supplying industrial products for more than three decades:

  • Affordability – We offer a wide selection of high quality products to fit any budget. In addition, we remanufacture components to provide our customers with the parts they need at a fraction of the price of buying new.
  • Focus on Customer Support – Our top priority is your specific needs. Though we work extensively with the petrochemical industry, we are also well versed on the nuances of many other industrial settings.
  • Knowledge – With more than half a century of combined experience, our team has the knowledge to help you find the equipment you need.

Types of Products

We offer just about any instruments found in an industrial setting. On a daily basis, we most commonly supply the following types of equipment:

Chart Recorders

Both mechanical and electrical inputs can be recorded by these devices. We provide all varieties of chart recorders, such as circular, paperless, and strip-style.


Typically found in industrial control systems, controllers are control loop feedback mechanisms that consist of a numerous components joined together to run a large system. Controllers are necessary for reducing the difference between a measured process variable and the desired setpoint.

Data Loggers

Data loggers are typically standalone devices that are able to take in several types of electrical signals to be stored and later downloaded to a computer. Our inventory includes many different shapes and sizes as well as devices ranging in complexity from simple single channel fixed function loggers to those capable of handling hundreds of inputs.

Diaphragm Seals & Capillaries

When you want to keep your pressure sensor isolated form the fluid it is trying to measure, a diaphragm seal is indispensable. To measure the pressure, you just use a capillary to remotely mount the measurement device.


Gauges are often the most used instruments within a plant. These days, there are alternatives available for just about every application. We offer stainless steel industrial pressure gauges, general service gauges, differential pressure gauges, commercial gauges, liquid fillable utility gauges, and more.

Process Instrumentation

Modern industrial processes live and die by their process instrumentation. You will find process instrumentation in use anywhere measurements are needed for fluids stored in containers or tanks. We offer everything from flow meters and switches to process displays and level transmitters.

Re-manufactured Parts

We completely take apart used parts through a series of industrial processes. Each individual component is then replaced, repaired, refurbished, or cleaned. Through our quality control process, we then inspect the reassembled product thoroughly before making them available to clients at a much lower cost than new equipment.


Transducers convert pressure into an analog electrical signal. We offer several different styles of transducers, like high accuracy pressure transducers, PC board mountable pressure transducers, flush diaphragm pressure transducers, and many more.


Featuring extra reset and calibration solutions, transmitters are a kind of transducer. There are pH/ORP, electronic-to-pneumatic converters, conductivity, pressure, magnetic flow, temperature, and mass flow varieties.

Valve Positioners/Actuators

Valve actuators and positioners control the rate of fluid flow in a pipe or other vessel by either closing or opening valves. They act based on a signal from a central control system. We provide both positioners and actuators for clients in mining, water treatment, nuclear processes, power plants, and more.

Why Buy from Haygor?

At Haygor, we understand that our integrity is what has kept us in business since 1981 and what will keep us going far into the future. This is why we are honest with our customers. For instance, if you are unsure about whether you should repair a broken part or replace it, we will inspect the item and offer our professional advice. We will also look to see if we have remanufactured parts to fit your needs. All of these instruments are backed by a one year warranty.

We have a full catalog of parts in stock. This allows us to get you what you need in a hurry. The vast majority of items will get to you within two weeks or less. In addition, once your order arrives, we can work with you over email or by phone to help you with installation.

Situated right in the capital of the petrochemical industry, we have plenty of experience working with a broad range of Houston, Texas enterprises in most major industrial sectors. Please contact us today if you need industrial products for your plant.