Applications & Features

  • Pulp and paper industry standard seals for on-line applications.
  • Interchangeability with many other manufacturers designs
  • Other connection designs may available per application. Consult factory

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Ordering Information

Base Model HPP Pulp and Paper Seal
A 1" Flush Mount Sleeve Type 1 bolt Connection 300 PSI MWP
B 1.5" Flush Sleeve Mount 2 bolt connection 300 PSI MWP
C 1.5" Flush Mount M44 x1.25" Threaded Connection 600 PSI MWP
Instrument Connection
W Weld Connection
2 1/4" NPT
4 1/2" NPT
Body Material
S6 316 / 316LSS
HC Alloy C-276
S6 316LSS
HC Alloy C-276
Lower Weld Spud
NN Without
S6 316 / 316LSS
HC Alloy C-276
Gasket Mat.
VI Viton Type A, B
GL Gylon 3510 Type C
/HS Welding Heat Sink Provided 316LSS
/NS PTFE Coated Diaphragm (Non-Stick Only - Not for corrosion protection
/MC Material cert with MTR’s

HPP Pulp & Paper Seal Dimensions



1.0″ Flush Sleeve Connection


1.5″ Flush Sleeve Connection


1.5″ Flush M44 x1.55″ Threaded Connection

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