Do your DP Transmitters Drift?

We at Haygor think a little differently than the rest of the industry. We think “outside the box” allowing us to create solutions for some of the most critical measurement problems faced. We design products and solutions that just work!

We took remote diaphragm seals to the next level and solved the one existing problem that the industry has been forced to live with.

Do your D/P remote seal transmitters drift?

Most likely this is caused by fluctuations in ambient temperature or direct sunlight effects.

Haygor has designed a proprietary Temperature Compensated Remote Seal System that eliminates drift by compensating for ambient temperature fluctuations. No need for cumbersome heat tracing or insulated capillary lines. No need for costly alternatives such as electronic remote seals or the latest and greatest radar level transmitters that may or may not work. You no longer have to guess what the level really is or take an average. The Haygor Temperature Compensated System solves the drifting problem.

This system will work perfectly regardless of the distance between taps or how long the capillary lines are. It can be used to replace a LevelTrol with 20″ tap to tap or be used to measure level in a tank that’s 200 FT tall. Our system works with and complements any brand D/P transmitter on the market and does not affect accuracy or repeatability.

We’ve been providing solutions to the Petrochemical, Oil & Gas, and Cryogenice industries for over 40 years. We think differently than the rest of the industry and believe we can help find solutions.