You know that Rosemount provides high quality and durable products. The new Rosemount wireless pressure gauge is no exception.

When you use this wireless pressure gauge, you’ll be able to improve safety, have access to continuous pressure data, and help to reduce your maintenance challenges.

Here’s how:

Improve Safety

  • Helps reduce operator rounds in hazardous areas
  • Utilize two layers of process isolation and 1.5X to 150X overpressure ratings

Access to Continuous Pressure Data

  • Locally view pressure readings with a large 4.5 inch (114mm) gauge face
  • Using the WirelessHART® technology you’ll be able to have accurate readings every minute

Reduce Your Maintenance Challenges

  • Use the local indicator light to know your pressure gauge health
  • Industry-proven pressure sensor technology will give you up to 10 years of accurate readings
  • Minimize some of the most common mechanical gauge failures that are caused by vibration, environmental factors and overpressure

Download – Product Data Sheet
Download – Configuration Data Sheet
Download – RosemountTM Wireless Pressure Gauge